vampire weekend CONTRA
9 febbraio 2010, 11:33 PM
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CONTRA dei Vampire Weekend è un album che almeno un ascolto lo merita. Clicca l’immagine, oppure qui… poi ci dici…

SHANNON – Let The Music Play
5 gennaio 2010, 2:58 PM
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An undisputed classic as well as a critical record in the evolution of dance music, Shannon’s groundbreaking ‘Let The Music Play’ was, in some ways, a throwback to the diva-dominated days of 70s disco. For 1983, this cut made use of some truley cutting edge production techniques. Up until that point, electro was very much a masculine thing. When ‘Let The Music’ was released, not only did it elevate electronic music to a new high, it was also the first time we heard a robust female vocal backed by wholly synthetic music – something that has since dominated mass appeal dance music. Additionally, it also did the impossibly difficult task of transporting dance music back over to the masses (a feat for the mid 80s), something absent since disco itself.

The Brooklyn singer Brenda Shannon Greene was only 25 years old when she recorded on the electro-disco label Emergency a tune named “Let The Music Play” in autumn 1983. At the first moment, Shannon was absolutely surprised when she saw her name mentioned on the song credits, and the track became instantly a massive dance club hit. With more than one million copies sold, reaching number eight at the Billboard pop charts and the second place in the R&B charts, the Freestyle anthem had a combination of typical electro-synth bass, lovely piano lines, dancing breakbeats and Shannon vocals whose lyrics “Let the music play, He won’t get away, Just keep the groove and then he’ll come back to you again! Let it play!” were heard in the dancefloors of USA and Europe. Largely played at Manchester’s Hacienda club (on the same building of the Factory Records), it was included on the repertory of the compilation “Viva Hacienda – Fifteen Years Of Hacienda Nights” that celebrated the hits of the club from 1982 to 86. The tune became a reference to many of the freestyle artists that appeared later, such as Angelique, The Cover Girls, Debbie Deb, Alizee, Wickett, between others.

(DISCOGS reviews)

BILL WITHERS – You Got The Stuff
5 gennaio 2010, 2:38 PM
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Rare and wanted: the special disco version for groove lovers!
(Columbia 1978 – From LP: “‘Bout Love” JC 35596)

NEEDY GIRL by Chromeo (2003)
5 gennaio 2010, 11:45 AM
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CHROMEO: Needy Girl (Wide HQ) from Freedom Factory on Vimeo.

CHROMEO BIO by Johnny Loftus (All Music Guide)

Synth pop revisionist duo Chromeo formed in Montreal in the early 21st century, a project of Audio Research honchos Dave One and Pee Thug (news flash: not their given names). Dave handled the electronics; Pee was the frequently processed vocalist. From the beginning, Chromeo made it clear that artful detachment, cheesy electro-funk breakdowns, and gleaming plastic beats — not serious intent or aggressive musical regime change — were the name of their well-dressed game. The “Destination Overdrive” single appeared in late 2003, complete with the tingling B-side “Needy Girl” (a ringer for Yaz’s “Situation”) and an ever-so-hip DFA remix; the She’s in Control LP dropped from Vice in early February 2004. The duo issued two mixes, 2005’s Un Joli Mix Pour Toi and 2006’s Ce Soir, On Danse, while gigging and working on their second album. Fancy Footwork, which boasted a slicker sound and poppier songwriting, arrived in summer 2007. As fans awaited another album, Chromeo released DJ-Kicks in 2009.

early DJ CULTURE: Maestro
5 gennaio 2010, 10:30 AM
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